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No, that's not a typo. Jaguar took first in a quality survey published by German magazine Auto Zeitung. Sure, it's been the butt of quality-related jokes ("I have a Jaguar, but I drive a...") throughout the past four decades, with some owners reporting their cars just shut down in mid-drive, never to restart again, despite several thousands of dollars in repairs.

But as this survey — dubbed in no-nonsense German style, "The 2006 Quality Report" — indicates, Jaguar under Ford ownership is a far different animal, at least to buyers' perception. The company beat 32 other brands in the areas of reliability, product quality and service. Of course, it's the same engineering universalism (ie, using Ford's more robust platforms) improving the cars' day-to-day quality that's simultaneously made the cars less distinctive than its motorcars of yore, but it's service where the company appears to have impressed German buyers the most. Yes, a nice cappuccino can go a long way.


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