Illustration for article titled Say Goodbye To Workplace Productivity: The 1965 Targa Florio Endurance Race

If you liked the vintage documentary about the 1958 Alpine Cup, you'll just have to blow off your job for the next 40 minutes or so to watch this '65 Targa Florio documentary.


First, we should all thank Scroggzilla for unearthing these videos of a vintage Castrol documentary for us (and for providing the photograph above). The Targa Florio was an endurance race held in the mountains of Sicily; starting in 1906, it was finally discontinued in 1977 for safety reasons. Yes, even by the insanely loose (and relatively lawsuit-free) standards of European road racing, the Targa Florio was considered too dangerous to continue. We've got the whole lineup of worship-deserving machinery here, including MGs, Austin-Healeys, Alfas, Porsches, and- of course- Ferraris.

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