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Nico Rosberg left Formula One with a mic drop earlier today, having clinched the championship from teammate Lewis Hamilton just a week ago. Rosberg’s retirement was a total surprise that left this as the only time Rosberg will ever celebrate an F1 world championship with some rad donuts.


Naturally, insanely light and powerful Formula One cars make excellent donuts. Rosberg’s winning Mercedes left a set of tidy rings on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit and a big ol’ cloud.

That’s just a wonderful wall of smoke.

The Formula One world drivers’ championship came down to the absolute last race of the season, which turned into a nail-biting battle of cars and wits between Nico Rosberg and his teammate Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg finished with enough points to win the title he’d dreamed of achieving his whole life, and today, he announced that one was enough.


Keep smokin’ those meats in retirement, Nico. Be the cool dad who passes mad burnout skills down to your daughter.

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