Savage Speed Garage: Living the California Dream

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While the name can't help but make us think of Savage Steve Holland, director of one of the greatest films of all time, Better Off Dead, Savage Speed Garage's Aaron Von Minden's life turns us roughly sixteen-hundred shades of green.

A sculptor at BMW's Designworks USA in Thousand Oaks, CA by day, by night Von Minden collects vintage speed and speed-related parts, including wheels from Roland Leong's legendary Hawaiian Funny Car, a drill press once owned by Von Dutch, surplus bits and pieces from Don Garlits' Swamp Rat I and a veritable colon-load of vintage Caddy, Flathead and Hemi parts. He also makes some of his own stuff, including Hemi valley pans, trans adapters and 6x2 carb tops for honkin' 6-71 Roots blowers. And he's only 29. What the hell have we done with our life, throwing it away on this blogging crap?


Savage Speed Garage

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