Watch Saturday Night Live Perfectly Tear Into GM CEO's Testimony

Illustration for article titled Watch iSaturday Night Live/i Perfectly Tear Into GM CEOs Testimony

If there's one thing we learned from GM CEO Mary Barra's Congressional testimony this week over her company's recall malfeasance over the past decade, it's that GM Is Still Investigating. And that's about it. Saturday Night Live was spot-on about that last night in its cold opening.


But I will say that Mary-Barra-as-Congressman-Henry-Waxman is nowhere near as pretty as the real Henry Waxman.


Something SNL kinda-sorta hinted at, but didn't explain fully, is also that the so-called "New GM" is technically not really liable for the misdoings of "Old GM."

Luckily, we have The Daily Show for that horrifying hilarious little factoid.

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This was determinately the one bright spot in an otherwise dismal show.