Satellite Radio Retail Numbers Are Down, Who's To Blame?

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As a bit of disclosure, I'll admit that I'm a satellite radio fanatic. So it saddens me to hear that the numbers for December are significantly down. How significant? How about 37.5-percent significant, for, you know, the biggest shopping month of the year. Note that this number is specifically retail, so it only includes all of the aftermarket receivers purchased and suction-cupped to a windshield. So what's with the drop in satellite radio receiver sales?


Well, there are a few culprits worthy of nose thumbing. People are nixing satellite radio in favor of other options like MP3 players, HD Radio and other entertainment packages; people are getting their satellite radio fix from factory-installed units, because it is hard to find a vehicle without the option to have either XM or Sirius integrated; and the common folk are still waiting out the Sirius and XM merger.


I guess what I'm getting at is simple: Don't give up on satellite radio yet. Give it a chance.[Orbitcast

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Just wear your damn mask...

1. The compatibility issue is BS. I love my Sirius, but have been looking into getting a car that comes only with XM. They make a converter that allows you to retrofit one with the other, and you can usually use the same antenna. My guess is that if there is a merger, either they will send a software update (like the occasional channel update) to activate their respective radios, or they'll just start pushing both company's channels through both networks. Either way your gear won't be obsolete.

2. If the the result of this merger is a monopoly, how can their be a National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) spending big money trying to stop it. HD Radio, MP3s, traditional AM/FM are all competitors to satellite radio, and the NAB lobbying efforts are proof of that.

3. I have an hour commute each way, each day. In two plus years of Sirius ownership I've never heard the same song on the same station on the same day. I've hit the same song between two stations, but that can happen on any type of radio.