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The number 43 SARD Morand Morgan Evo was taken from the Nürburgring paddock last night, likely due to an unpaid bill from the beginning of the season, per Daily Sportscar. Police were in attendance as the car was removed from the paddock.

The team’s representative was unable to comment on the situation at this time, however, one team source told Daily Sportscar that the bill has been paid and the car will be heading back to the circuit soon.


Daily Sportscar believes the unpaid bill is from a supplier, and is likely from the team’s tumultous start to its 2015 season. The team was originally supposed to be part of an online reality show called “Race to 24” this season, but that ultimately fell through.

SARD Morand is here to participate in the World Endurance Championship’s 6 Hours of Nürburgring. A WEC representative told us that the team has not withdrawn from the race and as far as they knew, would still be participating in the race.

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