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Santa Claus Would Be So Much Cooler If He Off-Roaded A Porsche 911

GIF via Lehman Keen

I’ve been asking Santa Claus for a Porsche 911—a Guards Red 911, even—for every year since I discovered what a 911 was, and it looks like he’s kept it for himself. If Santa kept it to hoon it with reckless abandon, shoot, I ain’t even mad.

This is racing driver Leh Keen’s fantastic Safari 911—a 911 SC built both to Porsche geek specs (aircooled, ducktail, manual—CHECK!) and prepped for ridiculous hoonage. The license plate says “SWT JMPS.” Santa’s sleigh here is the ultimate combination of all that’s right with the world.


Tree delivery incoming! Well, eventually. After a few donuts, of course.

(Also, I’d finally like to get that 911 for Christmas, Santa. I’m just saying.)

[via The Brad]

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Completely agree.