Sad Subaru Owner Watches As A Van Crashes Into His Car In The Snow

This Subaru owner thought he was doing everything right. He had a nice all-wheel drive Forester, he was adjusting his tire pressures for better traction and he figured he was as ready for the snow as anyone could be. But the snow had other ideas and sent a van crashing into the side of his car.


Here’s the sad Subaru driver’s full video caption explaining how this went down:

was checking the pressure in the tires and adjusting it for better traction during a snow day on 01/07/17 in NYC and there comes a driver that wasn’t educated in the snow driving techniques

Remember that no matter how much you prep for your own driving experience, much of your problems will come from dealing with other people on the road. These people will be less prepared than you. They will have worse tires than you. They will be more tired than you, and will target-fixate through a powerslide into you.

That’s just how things go. Stay safe out there.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


unnecessary human being

Vanbro was hustling. That’s about as fast as I’m comfortable with driving up a shopping center driveway in dry weather.