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Supposedly they look at you funny in France if you actually exclaim "sacr bleu!. But they looked at us funny when we said "verfickende schei e! in Germany, too. Europeans. Go figure. In the 20 years of DS-21 construction, Citro n built 1.75 million of 'em. Only 1,246 were convertibles.

Philippe Devingt, of Sarnia, Ontario is a French transplant, who like many French transplants we know, has a serious affinity for vintage French iron, having restored this '66 DS after buying it from an owner who made him promise not to sell it. We don't think that was an issue for Devingt, as his statement, "After you drive a Citro n, everything else is just transportation," is kinda the Continental version of, "If it's not Scottish, it's crap!"

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