DATELINE โ€” Ocean City, Maryland. The apparent owner of a rare Audi S3 went batshit at the H20 gathering here, thrashing his Mexican-entry import on a nearby dirt track, before veering off the track, hitting a vendor's trailer and sideswiping a Jetta. He was finally cold-busted by Maryland state troopers after he reportedly blew a tire and hit an embankment. VW Vortex says the guy had come up from Texas and had been trying to sell his S3, which is possibly the only one in the US. No word on the car's registration status, considering it's a non-US model. But we do know this guy's going to regret his antics when he tries to find replacement parts. That is, if the S3 doesn't end up impounded. NOTE: video not safe for work, unless your boss thinks the f-bomb is sexy. [VW Vortex