Rusty Rat Rod Rotates Radials In Rad Rubber Rotisserie

There are massive clouds of smoke, and then there’s this burnout—which is even bigger. Best of all, the truck doing it is as cool as its cloud of tire smoke is huge.

The truck in question is a 1949 Chevrolet with a 1945 Ford front clip with a 4.6-liter fuel-injected Interceptor engine, aptly described as being “from the Cars version of The Nightmare Before Christmas” by the announcer. The “Misfit” custom plates couldn’t be on a more fitting beast.


This burnout from this year’s Frankensteiners Ball is my everything. The truck doesn’t quit until it blows a tire, either, leaving behind a smoky pile of annihilated rubber on the concrete pad it was using to do a burnout.

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