Russia's Killer Tank Trains

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In the hands of the Russians, tanks turned from supply pack mules into Nazi-killing death wagons that would have made the "Bear Jew" happy. Here's a look at one of Russia's mightiest tank trains.


The train on display here is a replica of the unit used by the Russians in WWII to defend the motherland against the invading German army. Unlike the previous generations of armored trains — designed mostly to protect themselves — the last WWII Russian tank trains were offensive weapons equipped with serious weaponry including rocket launchers, thick top-to-bottom armor, and anti-aircraft batteries.

"The Germans were very surprised to see our new train," said a war veteran, army train commander Nikolay Gavrilov. "We were the only ones with Katyusha rocket launchers on board. We were attacked daily – 30, 40 planes at once. We did not sleep for days, just trying to hold our ground."

This giant rolling death machine rained shells on the Nazis and pushed them all the way to the border and into Frankfurt, helping win the Eastern Front. This replica now stands as a museum in honor of one of the toughest trains ever built.

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Jonathan Harper

Were the rails armored too?

And protected with as much firepower as the rest of the train?

Otherwise I'm gonna go ahead and file this one under "Not well thought out" right along with North Korea's underground air bases with runways that pop out of mountain sides...

...bomb the tracks, or bomb the mountain openings, done deal.