Russian Wolves Were Viral Marketing For Vodka

Illustration for article titled Russian Wolves Were Viral Marketing For Vodka

We now know what the popular, and obviously fake, video of Russian wolves attacking Moscow traffic cops and parking lots was really for. Selling Russians vodka.


This makes us wonder: is it really that hard to sell vodka to Russians, or is it just really that hard to get people to switch vodkas? It's supposed to be a nod to the Georgian folklore surrounding wolves and Georgia being "land of the wolf" but would you be more likely to buy vodka from Georgian spirit-maker Eristoff if you knew buying said vodka would get you mauled by wolves?


Spikejnz - Ezekiel 25:17, trolls!

Is it vodka made from wolf piss?

What? Why are you guys looking at me like that? They already have coffee made from beans picked out of monkey crap, why not wolf-piss vodka?