We’re getting a little desensitized to Russian dash cam footage at this point, but holy crap. Charging somebody’s car with an axe wasn’t enough for this guy, he had to pull out his pistol and start blasting while he’s parked at a damn traffic light.

YouTube poster rui sekov says this happened on August 25th, at the corner of Tsiolkovsky and Kutuzov streets in Novokuznetsk, adding “no one was injured.”


There doesn’t seem to be any #brands angle so I’m sad to say, this video seems legit. If that’s the case, I think the real victim in this situation is the rager’s female companion. Run, lady. Run! Don’t get back in the– ugh. I’ve had chicks bail on me just for using their handbags to store cheese balls, what could possibly make this woman willingly climb into a car driven by somebody who just went Grand Theft Auto on somebody’s ass in real life?

As for “who the heck carries an axe and a gun in their Renault?” I think the answer is; maniacs who brandish them in traffic.


We don’t get to see what incident prompted this weapon-wielding individual to get so excited, but I’m gonna go ahead and guess it didn’t warrant being shot at. Hopefully the attacked driver took this video to the cops to track this guy down and slap some cuffs on him.

Take care of yourselves, and each other. And keep those dash cams rolling.


Hat tip to Mats Mat!

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