Russian Potholes Are Like Miniature Ski Jumps

Illustration for article titled Russian Potholes Are Like Miniature Ski Jumps

There are potholes, and then there are potholes. If you live in Russia, the bigger ones apparently launch your car several feet in the air. Note to self: Do not move to Russia.

Really, if it's big enough to spit you into the sky, isn't it big enough to see beforehand and avoid?

[via CarScoop]

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Uh oh, another Russia post. I know what this needs...

Hey there! It looks like you've observed that this article involves Russia, and that you have decided that you can add to it with a clever Yakov Smirnoff-inspired Russian Reversal joke!

Would you like help?

- "In Soviet Russia, (Noun) (transitive verb)s YOU!!"

- Use poor grammar

- Always end in YOU

- Remember: Russia is oppressive and hilarious