Russian Motorists Viciously Beat Drunk Driver On Video

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This allegedly intoxicated driver of a large SUV crashed into dozen of cars on a busy Russian street. His victims, not pleased by this, beat the ever-living crap out of him today while police watch and participate. Warning: graphic video.

After the allegedly intoxicated driver of a silver Hyundai — a 44-year-old Moscow resident named Oleg N. — crashed and rammed into 20 cars on the Garden Ring in Moscow earlier today. After attempting to flee the accident scene, he was grabbed and pulled from the car and savagely beaten by fellow Muscovites.

Although drunk drivers are truly a scourge, we'd never endorse the kind of savage communal retribution we see taking place in this video.

UPDATE: The driver was identified as Oleg N. of Moscow, described by his upset mother (translated) as "very subtle, very creative" and possibly just "excited" and "on the eve of his tormented insomnia."


[via LifeNews (Russian)]

(H/T to Alex)

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