Russian Grand Prix At Sochi T-Shirt Pretends Putin Is An F1 Driver

Excuse me but where the fuck is my Obama as F1 driver at COTA T-shirt??


This picture was snapped at Sochi today in the week of buildup to the country's first F1 Grand Prix there.

If you're wondering where the Putin F1 fascination stems from, he did a PR stunt a few years back where he drove an "F1 car." Except it wasn't a new F1 car. It didn't actually appear to be an F1 car at all, but actually some kind of lower formula single-seater.

The car pictured on this Sochi t-shirt appears to be an early-2000s Lola Champ car driven by Justin Wilson (thanks Marshall Pruett!).


For that matter, this shirt does not actually depict the Russian head of state in a racing suit. It's actually just his head photoshopped onto the body of a mid-2000s Toyota F1 driver, likely Jarno Trulli or Ralph Schumacher.


Seriously, I would buy an Obama-as-an-F1-driver shirt. Austin vendors, my wallet is waiting.

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