Russian Car Chase Ends With Slapstick Knife Vs Shovel Fight

A Russian driver with a dash cam managed to capture this, possibly the funniest real-world car chase I've seen in a long time. The ending alone is like some rejected scene from a Buster Keaton movie.


The reason for the chase isn't clear — the video starts with a Toyota Camry chasing after a Mazda MPV, sometimes with the driver in the Camry, sometimes not. The chase continues until around the three minute mark when the Camry driver spins the minivan into a ditch and the men go for their improvised weapons.

Things don't exactly go smoothly, with the knife-wielding aggressor falling on his ass off the minivan's roof. Mister Shovel then fights the dude back onto the road where, after some probably quite rational arguing, the confrontation concludes.


I guess it's a little too late for this to enter into the 2013 Dashies, so perhaps consider it an honorable mention.

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Why do I never see this in Los Angeles?