Run For Your Lives!: It's El Goatamino!

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Now here's a mashup that would send the guys from Barrett-Jackson to the hospital with a grand mal. (We haven't had nearly enough coffee to crunch the numbers of lost collector bux.) It's a 1966 GTO grafted onto a 1969 Chevy El Camino, over a late-70s half-ton 4WD chassis. According to the owner, the engine is a bored 1970-71 Pontiac GTO 400 code YS. The interior has GTO trim and grab bar with a bench seat. Still, we'd give a week's pay to see someone pull up to the local GTO club in this thing. We'd even make the call to 911. [Thanks to Brian for the tip.]

GTO El Camino 4X4 tri power 66 69 custom modified [eBay]

VetteCamino on eBay! [internal]

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I saw an 'Camino this tall (minus GTO front) cruising down HWY 1 south of Carmel.

I would have chased it down, but I was in a HHR.

And didn't have a camera.

And was potentially drunk.