I'll be the first to admit the Google Maps "navigation" on the iPhone is pretty gimpy. So gimpy that I ended up in Acapulco one time on my way to the local Dairy Queen. But, with the iPhone a veritable gold mine for software developers it now seems TomTom may want in on the action. This leaked photo shows what appears to be some kind of a TomTom-branded accessory plugged into the iPod's dock adapter and on the screen is what appears to be the oh-so-familiar TomTom software. Note the use of the words "what appears to be" rather than the normally much more confident word "is."

Questions arise whether or not this picture is real. It is particularly blurry, and appears to be sitting on a table, which is strange because the software shows the iPhone en route to Rotterdamn.

I would hope the TomTom software will be capable of flipping to a horizontal layout depending on the orientation of the iPhone, because that would be too badass to not include. By golly, Apple is going to get into a vehicle one way or another. [Engadget]