Numerous reports have racer Kevin Ward, Jr. killed in altercation with Tony Stewart at Canandaigua Motorsports Park in New York that ended with Stewart running over the driver. Ward, Jr. was "dead on arrival" at a local hospital according to the local sheriff.

For those just coming to this story, NASCAR's Tony Stewart was competing in a sprint car dirt race near Watkins Glen in upstate New York where he'll be competing this weekend in a NASCAR race. After an accident involving the 20-year-old Ward, Jr. and Stewart left Ward, Jr.'s car with a flat tire, the younger driver got out of the car to confront Stewart.


What happened next is going to be debated and discussed and dissected, but Stewart appears to me to have clearly gunned the engine (with what intention we don't know) near the driver, knocking him down and fatally injuring him.

According to reporters at a press conference (the best version below) with Ontario County Sheriff Phil Povero, the driver was "dead on arrival" and no charges have been filed yet, though "Mr. Stewart has been fully cooperative" and is "very upset."

Photo via YouTube