Roush Horse Trainer Is A New Kind Of Pony Car

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No, this Roush Horse Trainer isn't powered by the pony up front. It's designed to be a sort of mobile corral, allowing trainers unprecedented access to a moving race horse. Built for Kurt Systems, a Turkish camel and horse racing equipment provider, the Trainer encloses a horse in its booms, steering it in the same direction as the vehicle using reins connected to the front wheels.

The large passenger enclosure has space for a trainer and veterinarian in addition to the centrally mounted driver. They can monitor heart, blood, oxygen and fitness levels as the horse walks, trots or even gallops.

The vehicle itself uses Ford F-150 suspension and a Volvo five-cylinder turbodiesel (hey, that sounds like a good combination, Ford). It can safely control a horse at up to 37mph.
[via CarScoop]