What's The Most Madness-Inducing Motorcycle Video You've Ever Seen?

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The Isle of Man TT races are on, and to honor the madness of the The World’s Fastest Death Cult, we’re giving away ten copies of the definitive short film on the IOM TT. Here’s how to get in on it.


Show us the gnarliest, most mind-blowing, madness-inducing motorcycle video you’ve ever seen. (Please keep it PG, folks.)

We’ll pick the ten best, and we’ll send those ten readers codes for a free download of Studio Kippenberger’s In Loving Memory. It will make you understand the TT races in ways you hadn’t imagined.


So what’s the best you’ve seen on two wheels?

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Classic video to show that with incredible bike control, one can ride quite quickly in the wet: