There have been so many bad Corvette Stingray retro-modern rebodies it was becoming increasingly impossible to imagine a good one. Until now. Coachbuilder Rossi is developing the Rossi SixtySix, an homage to the Split Window that looks absolutely stunning.

Built upon the modern 6.0-liter C6 Corvette's chassis, the SixtySix is the work of Rossi Motor Company, based out in Irvine, California. The car will be see limited production with a new hand-built body over the Corvette chassis featuring design cues heavily based on the 60's 'Vettes, including those fabulous view-blocking split windows. The car uses the standard roll hoop, top, front and side glass, but everything else is new with an aggressive but polished look — just look at the center high-mounted stop light mounted vertically on the window bar, nice.

The SixtySix also addresses the C6's time-worn complaint of a sub-par interior with an all-new cockpit while under the hood the car gets a nice 20 HP bump over stock to 450 HP. Prices are expected to start at around $130,000 but supplies have not been announced. An awfully hefty sum to pay just to ape a nearly 50-year-old design. (Tip of the hat to Andrew)