Illustration for article titled Room For a Rock Group, or a Group Of Rocks: 1985 Toyota Camry

Check out the sequence of photos showing the interior of the '85 Camry. See how cramped it was? Why, those passengers are almost touching each other! And where will they set their 256-ounce Bladder Buster™ convenience-store sodas?


Yes, the mid-80s were truly the Dark Ages of the Camry Era. Back then, the curb weight of the Camry was an absurd 2,300 pounds, or 11 pounds less than the 2010 Toyota Yaris- a car universally acknowledged as being too small for human use. Nowadays, the 2010 Camry scales in at a mighty 3,483 pounds-o-steel (which is just a bit more than the weight of a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan) and life is just 1,183 pounds better for today's Camry owner.

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