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We've done a couple of double-takes at these shots taken by Jalopnik reader and tipster Sam as he traveled south on the 101 in California that appear to show the the drop-top Drophead Rolls. But, with the missing Rolls insignia and emblems it's looking a lot like the spy photos we saw of the upcoming CoupĂ© dressed up as the Drophead. The new model will mimic the "Drophead" with its use of rear-hinged doors and a front fascia similar to the convertible. But the hardtop model, supposedly based off the 101EX concept car and will feature the Phantom's big 6.75-liter V12 engine, but somehow will see its emphasis shift towards more powerful driving from the Drophead CoupĂ©'s focus on falling asleep cruising. The only problem with these shots is that roof line looks less taut than the last spy shots did. Could this be shots of the 2009 model year Drophead out for a stroll? We'll let you help us figure it out — any thoughts?