Roland Studied Psychology, Ended Up Owning A Fantastic Motorcycle Shop

Life can take interesting turns, but when your passion becomes your job, you pretty much nailed it. Roland Sotello, owner of Moto Guzzi specialist The Spare Parts Company in Philadelphia did just that.

I know we say two wheels bad all the time, and it's a fact that I refer to bikers as organ donors quite often, but that's only because I know too many surgeons. However, Moto Guzzis are different, by which I mean pretty special.


Roland Sotello probably agrees. He studied psychology at Penn State, bought a Moto Guzzi, went to the shop in Old City, became friends with the owner and got hooked for life. Today, he owns the place.

Choosing a completely different career than what your plan was is a ballsy move and might not work for everyone, but when it does, it's a wonderful feeling that keeps you smiling.

Hat tip to Mike Collins via Cinema Mercantile, Photo credit: The Spare Parts Company

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