Rodem M-1: Japanese Wheelchair Of The Future

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A wheelchair? On Jalopnik? Yes, because not only do we all get old and still have a need for some sweet wheels, but the Rodem M-1 has a cleaner front end than anything currently in the Acura lineup.

Like it or not, everybody gets old, and rather than live with the status quo of nerdy old Hoveround or God forbid un-powered fold-up wheelchairs, here's an entry from Japan that's both visually interesting (well, as much as possible, we're talking about tarted-up wheelchairs) and has improved ergonomics.


The Rodem M-1 can be easily approached with a forward facing high-mounted seat, which is apparently easier to get into than a traditional chair, and once moving gets up to a scalding 2 MPH and lasts four hours on a charge. The wheeled jet ski looks set it apart from it's competition more than anything and should prove a solid basis upon which aging grease monkeys will ply their trade. Prices start at $5,300 to $7,500, but that won't take into account hopped up batteries, bigger motors, higher-powered controllers and the oh-so-important big-farad capacitors for those nitrous-like bursts of speed. [GreenLaunches]

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They put it in our cars and we thought "oh, how cute and novel", we've come to accept it. It's an obstacle to overcome when searching for the right lawnmower. The big-wheel brought it to the pedal powered market. Wheelchairs were the only safe harbor remaining, but now they've infiltrated that too. We can't let this continue to happen, front wheel drive is taking over! It's time we stood up for ourselves and fought for what's right. If we sit idly by it will take over completely 'till we can't even remember what the alternatives were. We must find a way to counteract its spread. What say you?