A Reader Spied The 2014 Jeep Cherokee 'Off-Road Parts Prototype'

Oppositelock poster hammerheadfistpunch caught a glimpse of the first 2014 Jeep Cherokee KL to be fitted with aftermarket off-road parts, and he really liked what he saw.

Apparently was there to pick up some rock sliders for his Land Cruiser and the crew at Rocky Road Outfitters let him have a look at the Cherokee prototype. I might take this opportunity to add that the guy running that shop was quick to oblige us with his take on the Cherokee lift situation when he heard we were asking about it. Those guys are alright.


Visited Rocky road outfitters, of truck yeah fame, yesterday and picked up my 80 series super sliders as well as my buddies Tacoma. What do you think?

They weren't a...um...flawless install, the tolerances are off in a few places that will require a re-weld or just a cut.

The problem is that this smaller horizontal bar (hard to see, but in the back) is supposed to be completely hidden behind my pinch seem, and it doesn't line up at all


As you can see here a little clearer


The idea is that you drill through the pinch seem to create a connection with the body to reduce the lever moment in the event of a really hard hit, right now all it does it rub everytime I go over a bump and sound like my front suspension is coming apart. Given that the other side doesn't have it (no room) I think I am just going to cut this extra support off, im not sure I really like the idea of creating a link between my body and my frame anyway.

My friends Tacoma on the other hand looked good, but were much harder to install. WE got one in 4 hours before I had to leave (installed mine in 3 hours.) I talked to their operations director who was cool enough to open the shop on Saturday just for me to pick them up...and...showed me the Cherokee they were working on from the truck yeah article. I knew it wasn't going to lift from my first experience with it, or not without a fight, so that wasn't a shocker to read about or see, but the other stuff they are doing, sliders, winch mount, front bumpers and the coolest aftermarket rack I've ever seen.



I don't want to get in too close and personal to avoid revealing pre-production parts, but the roof rack bolts directly to the factory location, looks amazing and SUPER solid. Not sure if it can take more weight because of the mounting, but the rack sure can. I don't know about you, but I think a trailhawk with sliders, a winch and expo rack would be pretty sweet.