Robots With Guns Are the Pentagon's Equivalent of Booth Babes

Illustration for article titled Robots With Guns Are the Pentagons Equivalent of Booth Babes

The Army is holding a military hardware jamboree in our nation's capital, and like any trade show, companies want attention. But rather than hiring flirty models, Northrop Grumman is showing off a gun-toting robot they don't even actually sell.

Northrop Grumman's Carry-all Mechanized Equipment Landrover (CaMEL) is meant to haul cargo. A lot of it. Like, 1,200 pounds of it. Grunt work. But for the Association of the United States Army conference, they strapped a giant .50 cal gun on the top of it, which would prevent it from doing any of the actual cargo-hauling it's designed for. Though it's certainly eye-grabbing—sex really does sell, no matter what turns you on. [Danger Room]

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Jonathan Harper

One of these would be like Tyra Banks then...