RoboTrac Semi-Autonomous Tractor Replaces Man With Machine

Summer jobs that involve sitting on a tractor for hour upon hour, trying to find ways to entertain yourself, may soon be a thing of the past. The Valtra RoboTrac is an autonomous tractor design by Hannes Seeberg. Inside the orange body is a fairly simple 85hp diesel engine. It's available in RWD or AWD and can supposedly boost efficiency and minimize crop damage. It works thanks to good old GPS and the Internet.

The RoboTrac is programmed remotely with a computer navigation system that can make the machine do any of the standard tractor tasks: planting, plowing, tiling, spraying, playing chicken with other tractors. The 58 gallon fuel tank allows you to kick your feet up and continue horsing around on the Internet while your tractor slave robot does all the work. Of course, if you're in the farming game and don't have the will or the wherewithal to invest in an autonomous tractor, you could always just get busy with your farming spouse this Valentine's Day and have some kids, always the best source of free labor. [Gizmag]


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