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VW's product chief says the era of the PRNDL is coming to an end for many of the company's cars. According to The Car Connection, V-dub's dual-clutch DSG gearbox will replace automatics on cars fitted with transverse-mounted engines (that's east to west). That means DSG will be as common as the steering wheel in such cars as the VW Rabbit, Audi A3 and Skoda, er, King Wenceslas (or whatever). The company will use the DSG box (aka BorgWarner DualTronic) as a "unique selling proposition" for its cars, giving them a leg up on competitors like BMW, whose similar SMG has been derided by some for its complexity and vague shifting. (Still, we hear BMW's coming back with a new SMG box that'll address many points of criticism.) Either way, for enthusiastic drivers who like to give the clutch foot a rest once in a while, it looks like "best of both worlds" may end up being more than just a Van Hagar number.

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