Certified robot and F1 driver Sebastian Vettel has miraculously produced a human, yes human, baby in a stunning development in the worlds of Formula 1 and robotics.

Vettel, the mechanized automaton that has won four F1 driver's titles at the "age" of 26, has made his high school sweetheart Hanna Prater pregnant, reports Motorsport.

"My plan... it is finally coming to fruition," responded Helmut Marko, the mysterious Austrian mad scientist who finished constructing Vettel in 1987. Marko receded into his underground lair before taking press questions.

"Of course we're very happy," Vettel told reporters. "Now it is clear that there is no way that I am a non-human robot automaton built to operate high-performance racing cars. It's crazy to even suggest that."

"You can't fool us, Robo-Driver," chanted angry townspeople earlier today at Marko's castle in the Alps, pitchforks in hand. At the time of publication, it is unclear if Vettel will release the hounds on them.


Photo Credit: Getty Images