Robby Gordon's Suspension Can Lift A Wheel Over A Small Child

Ever feel as if you need more suspension travel? Say, your roads are rough, or you just want to climb stuff? Take a look at the suspension setup on the HST Gordini, the race truck Robby Gordon custom-built for the car category at Dakar. Here's Robby's celebration after winning the final stage of Dakar.


Let's make a list of things that can probably fit under Gordon's raised wheel:

  • Your adorable niece
  • A goat
  • A rottweiler
  • Medium-sized shrubberies
  • One of those concrete traffic barriers
  • Twelve chinchillas, stacked vertically
  • Your couch
  • The hood of a Miata
  • At least two or three HST Gordini wheels laid on top of each other
  • Eight gallons of Blue Bell Ice Cream
  • Half of a 944 torque tube, laid vertically
  • A small ornamental water fountain
  • 104 back-issues of Motor Balls
  • The Borg-Warner Trophy

If you haven't noticed by now, rally raid cars need a lot more suspension travel to deal with harsh, unpredictable terrain than most other race cars.

(Yes, it's a truck, but Dakar calls it a car because, well, have you seen their trucks?!)

Congratulations, Robby Gordon!

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