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Robby Gordon Trades Dakar-Ready Hummer For Fiat 147

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

NASCAR driver Robby Gordon built his own custom Hummer for the backbreaking Dakar rally. Yet when it got stuck on a boulder during the second day, Gordon turned to an unlikely tow vehicle — a local Fiat 147. UPDATED

The jam with the roadside rock ripped up his transmission and threw Gordon down the standings; by the time the Hummer got back on course, Gordon, who was the first American driver to ever win a Dakar stage, finished 46th for the day. He gained back some ground to end the third stage in 17th overall; Carlos Sainz leads, with Volkswagen Touregs in first and second place.


UPDATE: Things only went downhill in stage four. Here's the note from the race organizers:

Following a broken wheel bearing after 514 km of the link stage leading to the 4th special, American Robby Gordon (Hummer) was not able to reach the day's timed section, since the race officials had already closed the start point by the time his assistance team reached him. As a result, the Californian has been forced to abandon the rally.


(Photo: Planet Robby via Facebook) (H/T to ganesha and smokyburnout!)