Road Rage Roundup: Explorer-Blastin' Jettas, Long Island Pepper Spray

We think all road rage is stupid, of course, but at least these Lawn Guylanders went for the pepper spray instead of firearms. Bonus lameness points for the "he started it!" whining. [Newsday]


Angry at a road rager, but don't want the legal hassles associated with an assault-with-deadly-weapon approach to the problem? Fill out this report for! Not that it will accomplish anything, of course. []

You're driving an SUV and thus invulnerable, right? So when some #(@*! woman in a *$%@ little Jetta pisses you off on an onramp, you jam on the brakes and make her eat bumper! Only this time, the VW rear-ender flipped the Explorer, which then tumbled into a bus on the freeway. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

Whew, this road-rage thing is depressing. These idiots need a freakin' timeout!

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I've always wondered what people thought was the best possible outcome of trying to cause an wreck. I mean, best case, your freakin' day is still ruined. It's not exactly hassle-free to be in an accident that's entirely not your fault. And then, to be in one that's in any way your fault, especially on purpose? What a pain.

Then again, I'm guessing that thinking isn't high on the list of actions leading up to the wreck.