Riding Up The Tight City Streets of Valparaiso Looks Wicked

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The premise of this video is contrived and scripted to a completely ridiculous level. There is a downhill mountain bike race in Valparaiso, Chile, and one of the riders is missing his onboard camera. He calls the friend he loaned the camera to, rider Benjamin Herrera, who has to get the camera up the hill in double time. It’s of the utmost importance, obviously.


It’s easy to brush off the video as nothing more than another marketing bit created to push expensive fizzy drinks, but the riding involved is astonishing enough to almost make up for it. Herrera makes some moves in this video that are next-level. Sometimes you see something that shouldn’t be physically possible, and you just have to sit back and think about how that person has practiced for years to become that good at the sport they do.

The stair climb and the wall ride, in particular, are favorites of mine here. It’s a short video, so it’s definitely worth a click. As long as you’re in the right mindset, it works. I’d personally love to see a full-length Ken Block Gymkhana-style video featuring Herrera’s moves. There is some potential there.

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