Combine Belgium's famous Circuit de Spa with a race prepped SWB 1964 Porsche 911 and a slightly crazy but very talented driver and this is what you get. From the growl of the Porsches engine to watching the car drift sideways through the Eau Rogue (see video below) we can't get enough of this video.

This footage is a few years old but when we came across it again on Reddit today, we had to post it. The combination of under steer and wild driving is hard to resist and makes this one of our favorite in car videos we've ever seen.

We did a little research on the driver, Pascal Pandelaar, who co-drove the car and didn't come up with much besides this forum post in which he explains "You have to deal with constant 4 wheel slides to be quick" in the bias ply equipped Porsche. Despite his wild driving style as of last year he hadn't crashed yet in any of the eight Circuit de Spa 6 hour races he has competed in.


We'll be off looking for an old 911 and researching driving schools.