Throw Some Dirt In Your Day With This Full-Noise Off-Road Ride Along

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The anticipation at the starting line. The noise. The fear of storming over bumps and blind corners at full-tilt in the cabin of a Trophy Truck... Experience it all against the beautiful backdrop of the Arizona desert.

With the camera rolling just before the start flag drops and the action ripping right from the line to the streets of Parker and into the bush, this is one of my favorite off-road ride along videos ever. Half an hour is a bit of time to invest on one YouTube clip but hey you're only at work, right? You can always skip through for highlights.

The Best In The Desert (BITD) racing series kicked off February with the "Parker 425" desert race in Parker, Arizona. Derrick Sproule, of Alberta, Canada who you're riding with in this video had a pretty good run, until he didn't. You'll see.

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That was Feckin sketchy. You are blinking/squinting, but it makes no difference. It is a Trophy truck with a'hoy there suspension. Pre dawn, no lights cause that's for pussies. Is it dust? Oh it's mist floating in the air and in those hard to see places there are people/trees/warning cones and the odd power line at a speed that you think... yeah he can see better than me cause he has his foot on the gas still.

He hits a tree that damages the front right... he doesn't let off. Then they stop in frustration as something is broken under the truck. It's enough to make you think Jesus was driving.