Ride along in an 1,800-hp wheelie-popping dune buggy

All you dyno chiefs and testbench heroes, with your cossetted rides angered only under laboratory lights, look upon the 1,800-hp buggy doing wheelstands in the sands of California and weep in awe. And this is with the turbos dialed back.

The power being barely controlled in this video comes from a 427 LS engine boosted by twin turbos to the 1,800 hp dyno peak by Nelson Racing Engines. On the dunes of Pismo Beach, Calif., the turbos had to be reined in just to keep the engine from turning the frame into metal spaghetti.


And let's just agree that adding a rear row of seats so that three passengers can enjoy a wheelstand with a hunk of Chevy iron wailing into their shoulder blades deserves some kind of reward. Where can we buy a ticket?

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