Ride Along For A Lap In The New Mercedes W03 F1 Car

Mercedes decided to give us a first look at their new W03 they will be campaigning in F1 by strapping a video camera to Nico Rosberg helmet while he took a lap around Silverstone Circuit last week.

Rosberg and teammate Michael Schumacher got in a little bit of seat time last weekend ahead of the car's official testing next week in Barcelona.


While the car is new, it displays all of the characteristics you might expect to see in an F1 car from a drivers perspective—limited leg room, unbelievable sound and speed and a steering wheel with enough buttons and switches to make the already delicate task of trying to pilot an F1 around a track even more difficult.

Although seeing the W03 on the track by itself is pretty cool, we'll have to wait until next month's Australian Grand Prix to see what the new cars are truly capable of.

Hat tip to BtheD19, shimming buckets!

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