Ride Along As This Miata Goes From The Back To The Front To The Wall

At Sebring, CJ Wilson Racing drivers Tyler McQuarrie and Marc Miller had a hell of a run going. They went from 32nd to 20th in the first lap, and made it all the way up to third. It was a crazy race with a crazy crash, and now they're here to discuss it.

Tyler and Marc had one of the best races of their career going with so much passing it's tough to keep up with where they were in the field. In fact, they were right behind Stevan McAleer, who was also passing like mad. The Miata makes some close passes on a ton of cars with way more power in just one lap, it's a spectacle to see.


Then, after the driver change, it starts to go wrong. Marc notices a vibration which ends in a mechanical failure and the car hard against the wall. Hard. it went from such a positive day to a shitty ending.

Tyler and Marc are going to be in the comments below to answer some questions and tell their story of the race, so feel free to pop them some questions now! They'll be in and out throughout the afternoon.

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