Rick, It's Now Your Turn To Face The Nation

In addition to the Newsweek interview Farago commented on earlier, embattled GM CEO Rick Wagoner took a turn in front of the cameras. The relentlessly optimistic Wagoner took some jabs from CBS Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer. Schieffer, long known for his hard-hitting and non-partisan manners, felt no need to go easy on our boy Ricky. Wait a sec...maybe it was hard-partisan and non-hitting? We don't really cover the media here, so how the hell should we know...talk to our mishpachot over at Gawker. Either way, the interview was enlightening even if the clip we've got omits the most indicting response slick Ricky gave. Here's the video, with the omitted line of interest after the jump:


The kinda important line was after Bob asked Ricky whether the General was lookin' ahead to a potential strike by Delphi, stockpilin' supplies like Duke lacrosse players collectin' DNA samples. Rick's response was "yeah, we're doing some of that..." Just remember where you heard that argument first. In case you've already forgotten check here and here.

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