Richard Petty Reunited With His Record-Setting Race Car At Goodwood

You can see a lot of cool things at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed, like supercars charging up the hill, or amazing sculptures, and it's all very European. Well, Richard Petty didn't get that memo because he, his Plymouth Belvedere GTX, and his hat brought the America.


The Richard Petty Museum brought the '66 Belvedere GTX out of retirement just for the Festival Of Speed, running for the first time since Petty's championship winning 1967 season. Petty won a record 27 races in that season, and it won 9 in 1966, which possibly makes this the winningest car in NASCAR history.


All Petty's team did to bring it over to Goodwood was change the oil and the brakes, and made sure the battery wasn't flat.

The King didn't rush the car up the hill because he (and the car) have nothing to prove – it's the most successful NASCAR racer being driven by most successful NASCAR driver of all time. He just lets the Brits enjoy the freedom-tastic sound of the 426 Hemi.

Also, that glorious hat. Anyone who wears a hat like that to Goodwood is ultra badass in my book.

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I got a chance to meet him at the start of this year's Power Tour. My dad had Petty's shop in North Carolina build my grandfather a '51 Mercury in secret. Here are some pictures from the start of the tour when Mr. Petty gave my grandfather the car. He was an amazingly nice guy.