Richard Petty Motorsports Transporter Involved In Accident On The Way To Texas

A Richard Petty Motorsports transporter was involved in a crash carrying NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Dakota Armstrong’s No. 43 car.

The hauler was on its way to Texas Motor Speedway for this weekend’s race when the traffic accident occured, according to Fox Sports. The driver, Will Mallard, was unharmed in the crash and there was no traffic citation, via the team’s official statement.


The accident took place Wednesday morning in Louisiana, and the Richard Petty Motorsports team had to send out another hauler to pick up the trailer.

Richard Petty Motorsports Chief Executive Officer Brian Moffit added “All of our employees, but especially our transport drivers, value the safety of all motorists on the road.

Rubbin’ is racing, just not on the road.


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