Reverse-Running Video Of Reverse-Running Racers Will Break Your Brain

There's so much great old, tiny Euro iron in that video: Renault 4CVs, Citröen 2CVs, Beetles, Mk I Ford Escorts, and so much more. And lots of DAFs. In fact, a surprising amount of DAFs. Which is the big key to what's going on here: a reverse race.

DAFs' early, crude CVTs do have the one big added bonus of allowing the cars to drive as fast backwards as forwards, which makes them reverse-racing kings.


It's already weird that the cars are racing in reverse, but the real fun here is that the video has been reversed as well, which means it appears like an almost-normal vintage Euro crapbox race, but with massive and flagrant violations of the laws of physics.

Just watch it. It's a nice, easy way to pretend you're high while at work!

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