Instead of making an actual car commercial Pontiac decided to spend 30 seconds painting a brief and very 80s picture of what life is like as a Trans Am owner. Although the resulting synth filled classic advertisement is hilariously dated, 25 years later it remains a pretty compelling argument for Trans Am ownership circa 1986.


What do flip up headlights, sweet 80s chicks, and strange sunglasses clad men gawking at you have in common? They were all features of the lifestyle waiting for new Trans Am owners in 1986, at least according to this vintage advertisement. If you were able to look past the 190 horsepower (or less) under the hood, the Trans Am was your key to this awesome 80s world.

In case you mistakenly came to believe you needed more than an underpowered muscle car to live such a cool 80s existence, don't worry. The Trans Am owner shoots us a brief but telling look towards the end of this commercial reassuring us it's the car that made it all happen. Of course it was.

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