Return of the Melkus: the RS2000

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A year ago to the month, we first learned of plans to build a new version of the Melkus, a little-known East German sports car from the 1960s and 1970s with a plastic body and gullwing doors, that was powered by a Wartburg three-cylinder engine. Drawing on design cues from the RS1000, produced between 1969 and 1979, the new Melkus RS2000 will be fitted with some manner of VW TSI engine or a similar powerplant from Opel producing between 150 hp and 200 hp, with a GT model producing in the 300-hp range. Not terrible, considering weight is projected to be 2,204 lbs. What price all this retroness? Think €60,000, or around $85,000. [Auto Strassen Verkehr via Motor Authority.]




Perhaps this could pave the way for a revival of the entire East German auto industry. Anyone know if Sachsenring still has the Trabant body molds?