Return of the Black and Whites

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Sacramento County Sheriff's vehicles have been traditionally white as long as we can remember, boasting a nice, stately gold star logo on the front doors. However, during our last trip to the town where Ahnuld does bidness, we noticed a cruiser with a bad, body-length decal job. Horrible typography, crappy design; just terrible. It evoked about as much command presence as a rent-a-cop in a Geo Metro with a single yellow gumball on the roof. Thankfully, some police squads are getting smart and going back to traditional black-and-white cars. A note to all law-enforcement officers out there: your departments' sticker jobs are making you look like chumps. Demand a return to authoritative sublety; insist on stamping out bad design as you stamp out crime. If these Wisconsin cops did it, you can too.

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